Open air rugs
Track 2020

Andrea Parisio

Graphic signs with horizontal, vertical and circular decorations for the Track rug: design plays with the most pop patterns to create moving tracks and colours. Realized in polyolefin fibre, a permeable and breathable material, this rug with an entirely handmade plaited structure is recyclable and it’s resistant to chlorine and light. Track is specified for outdoor spaces but perfectly suitable also for indoor ones for a perfect coordination of in and out. The available shades lend themselves to define eclectic spaces without interruptions and allow to emphasize the furnishings with unusual chromatic combinations or with the simplicity and character of solid colours. This new series, which offers three standard formats, once again amazes for its versatility thanks to dimensional customization.

9 available colours: Rust, Light Grey, Beige, White, Taupe, Green, Dark Grey, Red, Blue


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