四月 2019

An ideal apartment, marked by a succession of spaces where red and blue chase themselves alternately in each room. Typical shades of a house with a lived in look, the new dark red Cherry and the night Navy (two of the new lacquers that will enrich the collection), are the selected colours for the new Meridiani stand, in a refined contrast with the neutral or bright tones of the previous settings. A clear chromatics is well combined with the Tobacco oak, aiming  to give warmth and intimacy to the stand by using large panels and scenery flats. The stand has been conceived as an elegant and rigorous neutral box, whose light grey is used on walls, floors and carpets in order to balance the chromatic colour range enriched by the displayed products and by the presence of fabrics in light colours with the predominance of red and blue.  

The idea that Meridiani wants to give with the 2019 novelties is an alternation between intentionally ‘limited edition’ projects, that are born to surprise and are realized in a complex and elaborated way - for example the Zeno dining table, with a tubular structure having a large diameter to support the top, or the sofa Norton Capitonné, a unique piece of capitonné worked in a complex succession of volumes - and other more immediately recognizable  projects, such as the dining table Hubert, the sofa Joseph and his ‘direct heir‘, the armchair Josephine and again, the textile chair Isetta.
To complete such a highly creative overview, it has to be mentioned  that the  Meridiani catalogue is also enriched by Verner, a container cabinet that represents the ideal continuation of the Ruben model, by three collections of fabrics, by  four new lacquer colours, by two mirror finishes and by an original metal finish.

Design Andrea Parisio