Bed bases
Èlite slatted base

Single or double multi-layered beech wood slatted base with a 60x35 mm. Cross section frame; the 36 x 8mm slats (25 x 8 mm in shoulder area) are joined in pairs to the frame by means of flexible joints in rubber. Thanks to their exceptional property of horizontal and vertical orientation, it allows complete adaptability to the anatomy of the body which lies on it with no squeaking and no noise.

In order to increase the comfort while resting, the shoulder zone has special, high-absorption slat-holders. This leads to the shoulders being “hugged” in a natural and comfortable manner.

The lumbar zone is equipped with sliding stiffness adjustors in order to be able to customize the slatted base according to the user’s weight and sleeping habits.

· Stiffness adjustors in the lumbar area
· High absorption slats-holders in the shoulder area


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