January 2014

Two stands have introduced Travel Memories, the new textile range, and Tuyo, the collection of beds.

Balmoral, Bosforo, Engadina, Hamptons, Medina, Milano, Rising Sun, Tortuga are the eight inspiring locations for this new textile collection.
Eight different still lifes, inspired by eight locations, highlight the flexible, unique decorative approach of the brand and inspire real and imaginary travels.
Sophisticated plays of fabrics and dramatic textures always suggest the finest quality and make up a perfect blend of tradition and cultures with contemporary taste.

Meridiani launches "Editions" - timeless creations, precious handcrafted collections - with a first focus on beds: TUYO.
Maxi wall-mounting headboards, bases of varying heights, slats, orthopedic panels, pocketed box springs allow great flexibility.
Materials, dimensions, finishes, details and construction techniques redefine personalization. Hand-stitching and attention to detail make tuyo a product of contemporary elegance and absolute excellence, precious like a bespoke suit.